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The restore.solutions website and satellite web sites such as our Restore Solutions Shopify site, Amazon Shop and eBay Shop are owned or operated by Recovery Software Limited (Company Number 12619188). We take an immense amount of time to make sure that we provide the not only the best software and websites we can write, but make them Google and user friendly too. We don't just stop at functionality, we have a dedicated in house team of artists who make sure all our projects look as good as they function. We also have many beta testers that spend hundreds of hours testing our products and sending them back to the coders for re-development.

What we do

We are a dynamic company that supports nearly 500,000 different makes and model numbers of drivers and computers. We supply Windows recovery disks, free drivers and data recovery. With a live help desk, you can also trust that we will be there if you have any problems.


Our mission is to supply the best software and solutions to computer users, either for free, or at the most competitive prices. Our target market are those customers who have operating system, driver or data recovery issues.